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Shoshanna Goldbaum, the director of BIRTH ISRAEL is an experienced senior childbirth educator. She graduated Barnard College, Colombia University in Sociology. Shoshanna's experience as social worker carries through to her career as a professional childbirth educator. Certified by ASPO Lamaze, Shoshanna taught for 8 years in Denver, Colorado at St. Anthony's Hospital, Rose Memorial Medical Center, Denver General Hospital, Mercy Hospital and Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center. The Goldbaum family moved to Israel in 1979. Shoshanna established and directed the visionary birth education program at Misgav Ladach Hospital, Jerusalem for 19 years. She is now educating a second generation of birthing families adding to the thousands of women and their partners who have benefited from attending a variety of classes she has taught. Shoshanna introduced many birth options to Israel including water at birth, alternative birth positions, support people attending cesarean birth and the training of professional birth assistants. Shoshanna is the mother of 8 sons, 4 daughters and a growing brood of adorable grandchildren.

Birth.....I LOVE IT!!!! I can't remember when my fascination with birth began. Maybe it was the birth experience of a friend during my college years when prepared childbirth was a new and revolutionary concept. Prehaps it was the shock of hearing about a planned home birth (assisted only by the husband) and based, unbeknown to me, on the detailed description I provided of my own two births. Or it could have been my obstreticians whoinsisted, "Shoshanna, YOU MUST TEACH CHILDBIRTH". I may not be able to zero in on WHEN I became enamored with birthing however I've NEVER looked back. I can vouch with confidence that this is the BEST work in the world. What could possibly be better? Birth is intellectually stimulating; physically challenging; emotionally rewarding and spirtually uplifting. I invite you to join me in the process of education and planning to create a unique and positive birth experience. I hope you will consider asking me to join you in creating your child's first, best and only birth.

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